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Press candles

stacks and bacon

stacks and bacon

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1. Fluffy Pancake: The main top note, capturing the comforting scent of freshly cooked, fluffy pancakes.
2. Crispy Bacon: A prominent middle note, infusing the fragrance with the irresistible aroma of sizzling, crispy bacon.
3. Maple Syrup: A sweet and authentic base note, adding the familiar and delightful scent of drizzled maple syrup.
4. Whipped Butter: A subtle undertone, contributing a creamy and buttery essence that complements the pancake and bacon notes.
5. Vanilla Extract: Enhancing the overall aroma, a touch of vanilla extract adds warmth and depth to the fragrance.
6. Brown Sugar: Adding a hint of sweetness, brown sugar complements both the pancake and bacon elements.
7. Hint of Smoke: To recreate the experience of cooking bacon, a slight smoky note can be included for authenticity.

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